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By reading the article “What is Auto Cake Bounty in Pancakeswap?” published in Adaas Investment Magazine, you will get acquainted with Auto cake bounty & how to grab it. This level of familiarity can be enough for you to invest in the cryptocurrency market. 

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What is Auto Cake Bounty?

Auto Cake Bounty is a reward for PancakeSwap exchange users. This bonus is 0.05% of the total efficiency of the Cake Pools which is provided by the native token of the PancakeSwap exchange.

The most important thing for users to receive this bonus is to consider that the worth of the prize should be more than the transaction cost to receive that bounty. For example, the specified prize is worth $0.3, but the transaction fee for receiving it is a reward of $0.5. In this case, there is no economic justification for receiving that bounty.

What is Auto Cake?

The Auto Cake process, known as “SYRUP” in the PancakeSwap exchange, is a Yield Farming process in which users can choose between a Cake token, the native PancakeSwap token, and other tokens offered for their rewards.

This is a new feature and process in the PancakeSwap exchange to earn money by providing liquidity which has been added in 2021. Dear visitor, you can read other ways to earn money through the Cake token in PancakeSwap exchange by the following link.

What is auto cake feature?

One of the biggest features that can be seen in the Auto Cake process is the automatic compounding of rewards received with the original capital. The automatic reward combination makes the final profit rate higher for the user than when the Auto Cake process works with only the initial capital.

To enable this feature, the user must pay 2% of their rewards to the PancakeSwap platform, and the important point is that the APY rate in Auto Cake pools page is calculated with the ability to automatically compounding assets with the received bonus.

What is Auto Cake Bounty in Pancakeswap

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